At I-PRIMO, the bridal jewelry specialty store boasting the largest number of stores in Japan, choose from our abundant selection of over 150 types of ring through our “select order” process to find the ring that is “YOU”. Each and every I-PRIMO ring comes with its own story, as a blessing to the couple, becoming the couple’s dreams made into the everlasting shape of a ring by our professional jewelry coordinators. As a bridal jewelry specialty store, I-PRIMO is also committed to providing our customers with peace of mind through our “after care” service, offered not only in our stores throughout Japan, but also overseas through our expansion into Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China.


As one of the world’s premiere diamond cutters, Lazare Kaplan pursued the ideal diamond cut to create diamonds that sparkle with all seven colors of the rainbow. As one of the top-three diamond cutting brands in the world, we are proud to have achieved the ideal cut that Kaplan pursued with LAZARE DIAMOND, acclaimed as “The World's Most Beautiful Diamond®” because of its unusual radiance. We use only conflict-free diamonds, and the brilliance of LAZARE DIAMOND, with over 100 years of history and sophisticated New York polish and beauty, makes it the choice of the most discerning customers.

Primo Japan is a distributor of LAZARE DIAMOND throughout Japan.


SELEXIA is an exclusively online wedding jewelry brand that offers a carefully selected range of popular designs for those who are too busy to visit our store locations easily, or who want to take more time to select their designs when and where it is convenient for them.

As an online brand, SELEXIA understands the concern that many customers may have about not being able to look at and handle the actual products before committing to a purchase. We therefore offer full re-sizing and repair services, and also provide size-measurement tools on loan and support for product returns. For customers who are in a hurry, we also offer products that can be shipped on the same day of purchase, with full customer support throughout the purchasing process from specialist staff for consultations via e-mail, chat and telephone.


Debuting in Spring 2018, PROMIJE is brand that offers engagement rings exclusively online. The brand name “PROMIJE” marries “PROMISE” with “JEWELRY” to communicate the promise to all couples in love.

  These engagement rings express to your beloved your true feelings of “wanting to be together forever”. 

PROMIJE offers three simple designs made from quality materials befitting a ring to be cherished for a lifetime, all at an affordable price.