Bridal Jewelry Specialty Stores

Primo Japan has developed four specialist bridal jewelry brands offering a wealth of designs unique to our bridal specialty stores and products at a wide range of prices. When making an important and valuable purchase such as bridal jewelry, "how to choose" is one problem that many customers struggle with. As a bridal jewelry specialty store, we offer our customers comprehensive support tailored to their particular needs. This support begins, of course, with our products, and extends to the proposal and after-sales service, as well.


With just a few bridal jewelry special stores overseas, we aim for further expansion as pioneers in the bridal jewelry industry, particularly in Mainland China where growth is significant.


Establish Brand Position as a "Bridal Jewelry Specialty Store"



Personalized Support

Wedding jewelry is one of life’s keepsakes, and the emotions invested in each ring are unique to each individual. In order to help our customers find the perfect ring to wear for a lifetime, the one they are somehow “destined” to wear, we always try to stay attuned to the customer's emotions and support them through the ring selection process with sensitivity and compassion.

We also continue to engage in consultations with our customers even after a sale is made. By offering personalized after-sale service and anniversary jewelry consultations, our customer service staff become a trusted partner supporting the customer as they move through the important milestones in their lives.

One-of-a-Kind Rings Created through Our “Select Order Style”

Primo Japan's bridal jewelry is created through personalized support as well as a highly customized “Select Order Style” that offers a selection of loose diamonds and ring design combinations, commemorative stones with engravings inside the ring called “Promise Diamonds,” and more, each carefully produced by skilled craftsmen. Our “Select Order Style” delivers bridal jewelry that fulfills the wishes of each individual customer to make a ring that is truly one of a kind.

Store Network

Primo Japan boasts the largest number of bridal jewelry specialty stores in Japan. In 2007, we entered the Taiwanese market, the company’s first market overseas. Since then, we have expanded our store network overseas to include Hong Kong, then mainland China. Our brand is recognized in these regions across Asia as a provider of excellent Japanese-style customer service that is highly personalized. We will continue to help each of our customers turn their “emotions” into the “shape of a ring, while actively developing stores in Asian countries showing significant economic growth alongside the domestic market in Japan.







Hong Kong


Mainland China