Share Life's Happiest Moment


Life is full of joyful events.
The moment your heart connects with the one you love becomes a lifelong memory.
We help transform this memory into a ring to keep from this day forward, eternally.


Primo Japan - with you in life's happiest moment.

Code of Conduct

Five Core Tenets: Primo Japan’s “Five Values”


For all our employees to continue making PRIMO(the best)value. We have set forth this code of conduct to outline standards for best practice, from showing compassion to our customers to the pursuit of business sense.



Value 1 A Forcus on Customers

Everything we do is for our customers.

Always think what customers want and take action to provide it.

Value 2 Team Work

Focus on the results as a team.

Cooperate and act not only individual but as a team.

Value 3 Motivation to Achieve, Mission-Driven Action, Sense of Responsibility

Take responsibility and work steadfastly towards achieving the goal without giving up.

Value 4 Emotional Intelligence Quotient

Exercise emotional self-control. Try to be cheerful to put others at ease and create a positive mood.

Value 5 Business Sense

All employees should pursue "Sales UP - Cost DOWN = Profit UP" in their work