The PRIMO RING PROJECT, our corporate social responsibility programs, was developed based on our company philosophy: “Making PRIMO (the best) dreams into PRIMO (supreme) happiness”,
and we consider it a success if we can create happiness for even one more person.

Thanks to each member’s enthusiasm and generosity of spirit, we are able to carry out a range of CSR activities each year based on the five principles that guide all of our initiatives (“Together With Our Customers”, "Product Integrity", “A Better Workplace”, “Care for Community & Environment”, “Giving Back to Society”). Starting with a smiling face (a “RING” of happiness), when the individual strength of one person joins with another, their enthusiasm and energy spreads to their colleagues, business partners, customers, and to the larger community. Beginning in 2018, we are also working to meet international standards of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as set by the United Nations.



We aim to be beloved and trusted among people around the world by linking and expanding the RING of happiness.

The hopes and aspirations of our customers, suppliers, employees, regional communities, shareholders and everyone else involved with Primo Japan Inc. form an enormous “ring” of sorts. This project aims to take the smiles of everyone who shares their happiness, and make the widest ring possible.




The Cross-Company PRIMO RING PROJECT Team

The mission of the PRIMO RING PROJECT team, which is made up of employees from around the country who have volunteered, is to actively promote the company's CSR activities. For those activities in particular,With the aim of solving problems facing society,  team members themselves handle develop initiatives, everything from drafting and proposing new activities to and executing implementing projects, to and providing internal education and orientationawareness-raising campaigns, while at the same time making sure that all initiatives are in line with the five principles that guide all of our CSR activities (“Product Integrity”, “Together With Our Customers”, “A Better Workplace”, “Care for Community & Environment”, “Giving Back to Society”).

2020 Project Members
2020 Project Members

From Project Members

What started out strictly as an internal program among the team members has since gradually expanded in scope to include contributions from both non-members and partner organizations, in order to spread its ethosour company philosophy and deepen its reach both within and outside the company. This deeper engagement has resulted in the implementation of various activities throughout the country in recent years. With the aim of realizing our company philosophy of “Making PRIMO (the Best) Dreams into PRIMO (Supreme) Happiness,” Wwe will continue to spread the ring of happiness to increase the number of participants, person by person, sharing with as many people as possible the hope of “doing something for someone”

CSR Reports

The covers of our CSR reports feature a design symbolizing our PRIMO RING PROJECT. The motif is fashioned after the age-old double bridal ring pattern used in patchwork and incorporates the theme colors of our I-PRIMO stores and LAZARE DIAMOND BOUTIQUES. It expresses connectedness, contiguity, and a chain of happiness, the concepts behind the PRIMO RING PROJECT.