To pass down a RING of happiness to the next generation.

Primo Japan cooperates with NPO organizations and actively and continuously engages in CSR activities nationwide.

Disaster Relief


Every year, large-scale disasters continue to occur both in Japan and overseas. In response, Primo Japan has been mobilizing our network of stores spread throughout Japan to engage in relief efforts in the following three categories.

【1】”Emergency Relief” in support of specialized disaster relief organizations

【2】”Direct Assistance” by reaching out to victims directly and offering assistance

【3】”Continuing Support” comprised of long-term support efforts that reach the hearts and minds of those affected by disasters

Through our bridal jewelry, we are in a position to turn each person’s dreams into happiness in the shape of a ring. Working together with our employees located close to the disaster area, our project members plan and implement various relief efforts so that we can help those facing the aftermath of disaster return to the happiness of their normal lives as quickly as possible.


【Emergency Relief】

We support emergency relief organizations working at the frontlines in times of disaster, such as the Japanese Red Cross Society and Japan Rescue Association, through donations of secondhand clothing and used books. We conduct used clothing and book drives twice a year in the spring and autumn to maximize the impact that each individual donation can make towards continuing relief efforts.

【Direct Assistance】


Our desire to reach out to those in need is the driving force behind the PRIMO RING PROJECT’s disaster relief efforts. From Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture following the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, to Sakacho, Hiroshima Prefecture after the torrential rains that fell on western Japan in 2018, we engaged in the rebuilding efforts in cooperation with our employees living in the affected areas. Primo Japan, together with the voluntary contributions and fundraising by our employees, has also made donations to help in reconstruction efforts in accordance with the scale of the damage.

【Continuing Support】


Rebuilding after disasters takes a long time. “Rebuilding hearts and minds” is also a major social issue in the wake of a disaster. As retailers of bridal jewelry that helps to create many moments marking “the beginning of a family”, we are in a position to help families affected by disasters to smile again by connecting hearts and minds through the relief efforts and personal outreach programs of our PRIMO RING PROJECT. Each year, in areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, we have worked with the NPO Omoide Kaeru, helping to restore photographs damaged by the tsunami, and we have held a Christmas party at Kesennuma City Children’s Hall for children affected by the disaster. Starting in 2018, we will widen the scope of our relief efforts by working with the NPO Photo Salvage no Wa in support of relief efforts in areas affected by the torrential rains in western Japan.

Our Partner: NPO Omoide Kaeru

Omoide Kaeru was founded as a voluntary organization in Sendai City in 2012 by experts in photography and image processing with the aim of returning photographs and other memorabilia found in areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake to victims and their families. In March 2014, the voluntary organization was registered as a non-profit organization. Based on the experiences working in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake, Omoide Kaeru focuses on spiritual and emotional support, which tends to fall by the wayside during relief activities that focus on securing the basic needs of victims of disaster. The organization will continue to offer victims emotional support through their efforts to restore photographs.

Our Partner: NPO Photo Salvage no Wa

Immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake, a three-person team, who were at the time employed in printing and photograph-related work, went to the disaster area with the desire to “help make dirty and damaged photographs clean again”, beginning their work in evacuation centers. Following this disaster, the team formed a non-profit organization based in Chiba Prefecture, which, with the help of 300 volunteers nationwide who help retouch scanned photographs online, has gone on to restore photographs damaged by flooding in Joso City and the Kumamoto Earthquake. Through the annual summer volunteer drive and music festival RockCorps, they are able to recruit many student volunteers to participate in their activities.

Pink Ribbon Movement


Since 2009, Primo Japan has supported the Pink Ribbon movement, and has been a sponsor for the Japan Cancer Society’s “Pink Ribbon Festival” since 2010. Every year in October, we observe Breast Cancer Awareness Month in all of our store locations nationwide by wearing pink ribbon badges, distributing chewy candies, etc. We also bear the cost of mammograms for our employees. 

Job Practice: Supporting Independence and Dreams


“Job Practice” is a program organized by the NPO Bridge For Smile and run in collaboration with corporate partners to offer support for junior high and high school students living in child care homes. Many of these children will leave care homes to live on their own for the first time while also looking for a job. It is essential for them that they have the appropriate knowledge and attitude as they look for work.

Since 2010, Primo Japan has held our “Job Practice” workplace experience program in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Fukuoka during the school summer vacations, in addition to offering practical workshops such as "Workplace Etiquette" and “Basics of Customer Service”. We also hope that through this original workplace experience program, the children will develop a positive work ethic and become more familiar with “marriage” through bridal jewelry in order to have brighter hopes in their jobs and their futures.

Our Partner:NPO Bridge For Smile

Bridge for Smile is a non-profit organization that supports children living in childcare homes make the transition from the childcare home into society. The organization supports children from junior high school students to children living on their own after leaving the care facility in various ways. Through this support, Bridge For Smile provides children with courage and hope for their daily lives.

For Children in Asia, an Important Gift for the Future


Primo Japan manages bridal jewelry specialty stores throughout Asia. With the idea of contributing to the future of Asian countries (which is to say, investing in the development of the next generation), Primo Japan has been able to continue constructing educational facilities in various locations in cooperation with the NPO Plan International Japan.

In the spring of 2017, the project of constructing a kindergarten building near Jodi Primary School in the mountainous Dolpa District of Nepal was successfully completed, and educational materials such as picture books and educational toys have been put in place. In order to ensure the long-term success of this project, parenting classes were also provided for local parents, in order to teach them about importance of understanding and discipline in early childhood education. Training sessions for teachers on methods for infant education were also provided. Prior to the completion of this project, first graders in elementary school were learning in the same cramped, unsanitary classrooms as the nursery school children, and the educational environment for these children has now greatly improved with more educational support available to them, as well.

Past Initiatives

Throughout Asia, there are many children who do not have sufficient learning opportunities because of a lack of safe educational facilities and educational budgets. In the past, Primo Japan has carried out the following projects in support of education for children throughout the region.


2008    Construction of a garden at a kindergarten in Vietnam

2010    Construction of an elementary school in the Philippines

2012    Construction of an elementary school in Thailand

Our Partner: Plan International Japan

Plan International Japan was established in 1983 as a member of Plan International, an NGO officially recognized by and registered with the United Nations. Plan Japan's activities are sustained by approximately 70,000 supporters in Japan and about 1,000 volunteers.

 Plan International projects help children around the world realize their full potential, and, free of any religious or political affiliations, is active in 50 countries across Asia, Africa, and Central and South America. It works with children facing the hardships of poverty by promoting regional development that can improve living conditions in eight core areas, including education, health, water, and sanitation.

Our Partner: Save the Children Japan

Save the Children is an international NGO that works to make children’s right to survival, development, protection and participation a reality worldwide. It was founded  in the U.K. in 1919, and is currently at work in approximately 120 countries. The UN and the governments of many countries have a high regard for Save the Children as a pioneer of children’s rights, and we have achieved breakthroughs in the way the world treats children.

Save the Children Japan was established in 1986. We are active in international programs in fields such as health and nutrition and education. When conflicts or natural disasters occur, we provide emergency and humanitarian responses. In Japan, we have actively addressed issues of child poverty and child abuse, and have also conducted various programs in response to large-scale disasters such as the Great East Japan Earthquake and Kumamoto Earthquake. Through these programs, we work to make children’s rights a reality.