To help our customers in making “the happiest purchase of a lifetime”…

It is with that joy, pride, and sense of great responsibility in mind that we constantly endeavor to satisfy as many customers as possible.

Professional Certification: Jewelry Coordinator Qualifications


To support our customers who are choosing bridal jewelry based on consultations with our sales staff, and in order to provide our staff with appropriate training so that they can advise customers, we require our staff to take the “Jewellery Coordinator Examination” conducted by the Japan Jewellery Association as part of our training program. More than 80% of our employees are currently active as JJA-qualified personnel. In order to satisfy our customers as bridal jewelry professionals, we foster a corporate culture that values working hard as a team.

Customer Service Improvement


At Primo Japan, we are constantly listening and responding to the customer feedback we receive through our Customer Service Center and Customer Questionnaires provided at the point of sale. For example, after receiving feedback that “the location of the private parking lot was difficult to find", we made sure to indicate each parking lot’s location on access maps to our stores. When a customer informed us that “the condition of the engraving on the ring is difficult to see with the naked eye”, we dispatched a loupe designed specifically for customers to use to confirm the engraving. Responding to numerous requests and feedback such as these, we hope to offer our customers the optimum environment and experience when purchasing bridal jewelry to last a lifetime. With this in mind, we continually strive to improve our customer service.

The Greatest Happiness for Each of Our Customers


Regardless of the situation, we support the happiness and satisfaction of each of our customers who visits our stores. At Primo Japan, all of our stores issue the Clover Handbook, which has been included in our employee training program since 2016. The Clover Handbook serves as a guide for employees to treat customers cheerfully, politely, and with sensitivity and respect for each customer’s feelings and point of view. This initiative aims to address the particular needs of each and offer satisfaction to every one of our customers not only those with disabilities, but also pregnant women, those with limited mobility, and elderly customers.Also, from 2018 we have begun taking steps towards “gender-free” policies.