We strive for a working environment that is conducive to offering our customers the highest level of hospitality.

With “work-life balance” and “diversity” becoming increasingly important, we want every employee to feel energized and to offer a workplace that employees feel they can commit to working in for a long time. 

Childcare Support: For Your Little Ones


◆Support During Childbirth & Maternity & Childcare Leave 

We have launched a “Childcare Management Information Portal Site” that can be used beginning in pregnancy, throughout maternity leave, and after returning to work.

In order to reduce anxiety and difficulties for employees due to a lack of information from the workplace while they are on leave, the site provides users with advice from senior employees, access to guidebooks, and other features, such as an e-learning system, to facilitate a smooth return to work. It is also possible for male employees to take paternity and childcare leave. 


◆Childcare Management Support After Returning To Work

There is a nursery fee subsidy system that can be used for nursery facilities and nursery services, thereby reducing the economic burden on our employees with children. The site is equipped with search functions for finding childcare facilities and child daycare centers, housekeeping agencies, childcare consultation and guidance, etc., to support working Moms and Dads who might be having a hard time managing.


At Primo Japan, we are bolstering various child rearing support programs, including the childcare leave system, to create a supportive working environment for our female employees, which account for more than 80% of our whole company. In 2017, we were awarded the highest ranking of “Eruboshi,” a certification recognizing our commitment to promoting women's success. We also received "Kurumin Certification" in 2018 in recognition of compliance with standards for child-rearing support set by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. As a result, Primo Japan becamethe only company in the bridal industry to achieve Double Certification: "Eruboshi" and "Kurumin".

Caregiver Support: For Your Most Important Family Members


◆Support for preparing for “Someday when…”

We have launched a Caregiving Management Information Portal Site that is available to all employees. The site offers thorough preparation support for employee caregivers, providing them with information based on their caregiving circumstances, location, and their own condition in order to prevent feelings of isolation. 


◆Long-Term Care Assistance Plan

We determine a supplementary amount of financial support according to the level of care required to reduce the economic burden on the employee.

Personal Development & Well-Being


◆Support for “doing your best and being your best self”

We aim to provide our employees where every day is a chance to enhance their well-being, making it possible for them to seize new and serendipitous opportunities. Through a range of skills development programs, everyday services, and priority access available to our employees, we hope to raise our employees’ level of satisfaction and sense of belonging.