Primo Japan Inc. announces the relocation and reopening on August 6, 2021 of our I-PRIMO Kumamoto Store location in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture.

Store Exterior
Store Exterior
Store Interior
Store Interior

◆For Greater I-PRIMO Brand Awareness

The I-PRIMO Kumamoto Store has been operating continuously in the same area since its first opening in March 2003 until December 2011, when the store moved to a new location. In order to remodel the store design and update storefront displays, we are moving the store to a new location and reopen just a 3-minute walk from the current store. Located on the street behind the long-established New-S Tsuruya department store, this new store will be situated among competitor bridal jewelry stores, so we can expect to attract customers shopping around in the area for bridal jewelry. In addition, there is a coin parking lot available nearby, making the new store location easily accessible by car, and the new building houses a number of other businesses aimed at women, so we can also expect awareness of the I-PRIMO brand to increase.

◆Creating a Sophisticated Space for Customer Service

This upcoming store relocation is an opportunity to remodel the store design and change the storefront display in order to create a layout that makes the store’s interior more easily visible. By making the storefront glass, we can add light and create a feeling of openness inside the store, while the private spaces situated further inside the store make it possible for customers to shop for rings more comfortably. This carefully considered design will create a space in which we can offer personalized customer support by suggesting the most suitable items to meet each individual customer’s needs, a space infused with our sincere wish to help our customers relax and take their time selecting bridal rings that will commemorate memories of a lifetime.


In celebration of our grand reopening, we will hold a Grand Reopening Fair from August 6, 2021. 

I-PRIMO Kumamoto Store

Store Address

5-46 Kamitori-cho, Cyuou-ku, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture

Business Hours

11:00 - 19:00




2-minute walk from Torichosuji Station