Primo Japan Inc. (“Our Company”) is undertaking the following efforts to properly protect personal information acquired from customers through Our Company’s business operations (“Personal Information”).

1. Collecting Personal Information


Our Company asks customers to share Personal Information only in cases where it is necessary for receiving orders from customers for Our Company’s products or services, issuing estimates, addressing any and all inquiries, participating in sales campaigns and events, and filling in store visit cards, applications and surveys.


Our Company has established organizational control and standards for handling Personal Information provided by customers. Our Company strives for proper protection of that information.
※ “Personal Information” is any combination of two or more customer names or business names, ages, birthdates, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, physical addresses, places of employment, credit card numbers, bank account numbers and other such information with which one can identify an individual person. Single pieces of information that identify an individual person shall be handled as Personal Information.

2. Purpose of Collecting Personal Information


Our Company uses customers’ Personal Information mainly for the purposes listed below. However, if Our Company uses that information for some other purpose, it will clarify that purpose before collecting the information and request that customers give consent. 

  1. Responding to any and all inquiries and requests for documents
  2. Requesting that customers fill out surveys for the purpose of improving Our Company’s service
  3. Verifying customer applications to events, seminars, etc.
  4. Verifying customer applications for e-magazine service and transmitting said e-magazines
  5. Verifying registration for members-only services and providing said services
  6. Notifying customers of having won prizes or prize campaigns in which they participated and sending said prizes
  7. Posting pictures or images of customers in magazines or other advertising media with prior consent
  8. Making hiring decisions regarding persons who have applied to work for Our Company and notifying them of our decisions


Our Company may inform customers of wedding services and sales campaigns from hotels, wedding centers, restaurants, dress shops, wedding hall agencies, wedding planners, shops dealing in bridal gifts and small goods, photography studios, travel agencies, aesthetic salons, flower shops and beauty salons linked to Our Company in cases other than those named above and only when we have received prior consent from customers. However, customers may cease this process by indicating their desire to do so on their applications.


The Terms of Use on Our Company’s website take precedence over this Privacy Policy when a particular provision on the Terms of Use differs with this Privacy Policy concerning the use of customers’ Personal Information.

3. Sharing Information with Third Parties


In principle, Our Company does not share customers’ Personal Information with third parties without the customers’ permission. However, there are cases where Our Company shares information with multiple other companies with which Our Company has built partnerships (“Partner Companies”) in order to achieve goals clearly expressed to customers or to provide comprehensive wedding planning services. Furthermore, Our Company does not clarify that it is collecting information before dealing with customer inquiries, but there are cases where Our Company will share information with Partner Companies directly involved with the information collected when it deems it appropriate to do so.


Regardless of the previous provision, Our Company will disclose information when laws and regulations or government offices, police agencies or other public organizations issue a discovery order.


4. Handling Personal Information When Subcontracting

There are cases where Our Company has no choice but to entrust an outside company to handle Personal Information for business purposes within the range of actions necessary to achieve goals for which the use of said information has been expressed clearly to customers, without expressing it to customers at the time that Personal Information was collected. In these situations, Our Company rigorously requires that subcontractor companies do not leak or provide the Personal Information in question to any other parties. Our Company receives permission to inspect subcontractor companies’ management conditions and explicitly assigns subcontractor companies with the obligation to refrain from disclosing said Personal Information or using it for any other purpose.

5. Employee Training

Our Company periodically trains directors and employees (including part-time and temporary employees) in order to impress upon everyone the importance of protecting Personal Information.

6. Revising and Deleting Personal Information


Our Company immediately stops sending information to customers if they indicate that they would like us to stop doing so.


Our Company faithfully responds to customer requests to reveal, revise or delete Personal Information in Our Company’s possession to a reasonable degree.


7. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Our Company observes laws and regulations that apply to Personal Information acquired from customers in addition to periodically reviewing and improving the efforts in each of the aforementioned items.

8. Privacy Policy Changes and Revisions

If Our Company changes or revises its Privacy Policy, it will post notification of the change on its website. Customers can always check how Our Company collects and uses Personal Information since the updated version of the Privacy Policy will be posted on the website. We ask that customers periodically check the Privacy Policy. If Our Company uses Personal Information in a way or for a purpose that differs from those of the original information collection, we will communicate that fact by posting it on the website.

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February 26, 2007


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