Founded on our company philosophy of “Making PRIMO (the Best) dreams for PRIMO (Supreme) Happiness,” the PRIMO RING PROJECT, our company’s CSR program, was established in 2007 from our desire to make many people happy, one person at a time. This year marks the 15th year of the program. As a bottom-up project run by our employees, each year, we continue to listen to ideas proposed by our employees, mainly from PRIMO RING PROJECT members, and engage in CSR activities.

In recent years, our focus on environmentally conscious initiatives has increased. Thinking about what we can do at Primo Japan, we have taken steps such as charging for plastic shopping bags and have implemented measures to prevent global warming. Last year, we created an original eco-bag and distributed them to employees working in Japan to use not only at work but also in their private lives. Designed to encourage employees to reduce the number of shopping bags they purchase, many employees are still using their original eco-bag for lunch or for shopping after work.


The eco-bag’s design was created entirely by PRIMO RING PROJECT members. As specialists in bridal jewelry with stores in operation globally, our Primo Japan eco-bag design features an engagement ring encircling a globe. The word “PRIMO” takes the place of Japan on the map to signify our commitment to protecting the Earth’s environment from Japan.  


At Primo Japan, we continue to develop our global business with more than 1,000 employees and stores opening not only in Japan, but also in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China. While each individual project might be small, we believe that combining these efforts while cooperating with one another will add up to a larger effort, and so we will each continue doing whatever we can do each and every day. Please watch this space for more PRIMO RING PROJECT activities in 2021.