At Primo Japan, we are working to create an environment in which diverse human resources can play an active role. In October 2019, we launched our Work-style Reform Project with the aim of improving both labor productivity and work-life balance based on our company philosophy of offering “PRIMO (the best) dreams for PRIMO (supreme) happiness.” In addition to making changes in working styles, such as teleworking and flex time, we also provide support for greater health and wellbeing, and also are making improvements to the in-house workplace environment for LGBT employees. Along with increasing the value and productivity of each person in our company, we are creating an energizing environment where people feel invested in and fulfilled by their work while also enjoying an enriching life.

Akane Takemoto, who works in our General Affairs/Legal Group, is one person who has been able to work full-time because of the reduced working hours, telework and flex time system introduced by the Work-style Reform Project. As a mother of elementary school-age children, Ms. Takemoto says that changes to her working style have changed the way she interacts with her children:

“I feel that the best thing about teleworking is that I can coordinate my time with my children’s time. Children have a lot of homework in elementary school, and I think it’s best to do homework according to the child’s own timing. My long commute means that I would arrive home after 8 p.m., so my children had to adjust to my schedule every day. However, by teleworking, I think that I can adjust to my children’s schedule more than before, and I think we also communicate more now that I spend more time at home. I’m also glad that I can be here for them when they come home and say ‘Welcome back!’ From now on, I’d really like to continue to balance teleworking with time in the office.”

Ms. Takemoto added that fulfillment in her private life also makes her more feel more motivated at work.


In November 2020, Primo Japan was awarded the “Silver” award in this year’s PRIDE Index 2020, in recognition of our highly rated efforts relating to LGBT issues in our workplace environment. By establishing new LGBT guidelines, introducing LGBT training for all employees, changing the definition of “spouse” in company systems and eliminating the requirement for evidence when using our systems, we are deepening our understanding of LGBT issues and creating a work environment that is free from discrimination and prejudice. In the future, we aim to further promote understanding within our company through measures such as checking levels of knowledge with tests, participating in external LGBT events and programs, continue our efforts to create an environment where all people can work comfortably. We will also actively introduce engagement and wedding rings to LGBT couples and promote “happiness in the shape of a ring, regardless of gender.”

At Primo Japan, we continue to implement work-style reforms in various ways, with our first priority being a workplace environment in which employees can shine as individuals and make the most of their personal strengths.