Primo Japan’s company philosophy espouses the ideal of bringing happiness to marrying couples at the best moment of their lives, and also bringing happiness to everyone involved in making a couple’s dreams into happiness in the shape of a ring. 


Bridal jewelry is an important commemoration of a long married life to come. Just as the story of how a couple met becomes a unique love story, the rings they wear will also continue shining between them, eternally. 


As a bridal jewelry specialty store, we offer high-quality materials and a wealth of designs to choose from. Our highly qualified and conscientious staff also provide personal support while discussing in detail each couple’s wishes through our custom order-style service in order to create “a ring that is unique in all the world.”


Making PRIMO (the best) dreams into PRIMO (supreme) happiness in the shape of a ring. 
We will continue supporting couples now and in the future in pursuit of this ideal.